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To achieve the "wow looks and face" like Aishwarya Rai, visit us today for India renowned Shayas Special Facials. Walk in today for New Microbiolifting FUSION Therapy, Facials, Treatments, Skin Care, Aromatherapy facials, Aromatic.

Treatments and Free Consultancy.

Shayas Special Hair cuts Hair style fashion Massage

Shayas Special

Basic Clean Up ,Normal Facials ,Normal Skin Facials Combination Skin Facials Sensitive Skin Facials ,All Aromatherapy Facials , Bio Lift Facials ,AHA Facials ,Paraffin Facials, - - - Anti Oxidant Facials

Anti Pollution Facials , Acne Facials

Collagen Facials

Galvanic Facials

Gold Facials

Glow Facials

Fruit Facials

Silver Facials

Platinum Facials

Pearl Facials

Holistic Facials

High Frequency Facials

Flower Power Facials

Thermo Herb Facials

Special 40+ Facials

Dead Sea Special Facials

Sea Algae French Facial

Nitro Vera Facial

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Hydrating Facial NEW FUSION FACIALS :

Glycolic Peel Fusion

Gold Fusion

Silver Fusion

Squaring Fusion

Visit us for an amazing "Fusion Therapy Experience". Eye Care Tip: A drop of perfectly fresh castor oil smeared along the eyelids removes puffiness.


Hair cuts

Did you know that any great look consists of three basic elements, the perfect hairstyle, haircut and hairdo suitable for your facial shape, the proper styling, hair color, products and the right makeup to go with the desired physique and personality. All of our hairstylists and hair designers have met a rigid advanced training program. Continuing education is the key to providing you with consistent and outstanding service. Team members receive in-house academy education and attend, as well as teach, advanced classes at various levels.

Hair Cuts for women and children:



Graduated Bobs



Sleek and Blunt






Hair Care Tip: For great hair always eat a well balanced diet

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Hair style fashion

Hairstyle Fashion Color Streak and Design:

Hair Color

Diagonal Streaking

Horizontal Streaking



Velcro Coloring

Global Coloring

Gray Hair Coverage

Geometric Coloring


Hair Relaxing and Straightening

Hair Perm:

Crimp Perm

Zig Zag Perm

Pig Peg Perm

Soft Wave

Spiral Perm

Pony Perm

Dreadlock Perm

Latest and trendy Hairstyle:

Hair Do's

Long Short Medium

Blow Dry

Roller Setting





All occasions hairstyles

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Massage is more than a luxury!
New Aromatherapy Massages Launched.

Walk in today for FREE Consultancy.

When we are under stress, our muscles are tense, breathing is shallow, blood pressure increases, and our immune system is weakened. By relaxing the body, massage helps to counteract all of these reactions to stress.

We take care and focus on the PBCF (Privacy, Breathing, Communication and Focus) fundamentals and international standards for massages.

Types of Massages:

Therapeutic (Rehabilitation & Sports Massage)

Trigger Point Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Baby Massage

Aromatherapy Massages

Deep Cleansing Massage

Cellulite Massage

Rejuvenating and Body Toning Massage

New Special Emotional Massage

Oxygenation and Detoxifying Massage

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